Frequently Asked Questions

Jiffix is a digital automobile repair company with an online platform. This means everything you need to help maintain and repair your car is available at your fingertips. From scheduling a service, getting a quote, and approving  a job, to getting free expert advice to help you take care of your car.

Yes! Our auto experts come to your home or workplace to carry out vehicle inspections, car servicing and some minor repairs.

Jiffix have auto experts spread across various districts and cities. When you book for a service, you will receive the profile of the expert coming to you, and you can choose where you want the job to be done.

Jiffix only work with qualified auto mechanics and experts within the Jiffix Auto Expert League (JAEL). The JAEL was created to thoroughly vet mechanics, to train and equip them in order to ensure quality in our services.

Our Experts have gone through several verification processes and scrutiny including a police report to ensure that our customers feel safe and secure.

The JAEL organize quarterly trainings for all its experts to improve on service delivery, safety, problem solving for all types of vehicles, and customer relations.

Yes, of course! Once you have entered in your vehicle details and location, the next page will ask you what repair or service you want.

You can browse through the categories that we’ve listed.

Once you’ve selected a repair, either click “Continue” to move on to see your quote or, If you’d like to add another repair, click the “Add more items” icon.

Yes, the price quoted is the price you’ll pay. You won’t pay any more than that, and you’ll get exactly what’s listed in the inclusions.

If there’s any additional work required, your expert will notify you and get your consent before proceeding.

We understand things happen last minute and you can’t always get to your appointment on-time or even on the scheduled day. Jiffix does not charge for canceled appointments, and you’ll be refunded 100% of what you’d paid.

However, should you fail to show up at the time and place arranged without canceling or rescheduling in advance, you will forfeit the entire prepaid amount.

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